The Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama

One thing I've learned over time is how important ramen is here in Japan. It's one of the primary food groups, I'm pretty sure, right up there with rice, fish and senbei. Of course, while I'm just joking on that last part, ramen is a major food in Japan, and very much unlike the model... Continue Reading →

My Visit to Edo Wonderland

Nearly two years ago (has it been that long already?) my son and I went on an organized tour up north to the Nikko prefecture which is a distance from Yokosuka. By bus it's at least three hours and I actually remember it being more like four or more. Our destination was Edo Wonderland, a... Continue Reading →

Pop Culture Note: Arashi

I was watching the Olympic coverage on one of the Japanese stations over the weekend and something occurred to me, and it prompted this post. We have to talk about the music group, Arashi. They are everywhere, and if you're in Japan, you've probably seen them whether you realize or not. In the following when... Continue Reading →

Natsume Soseki’s “Botchan”

One of Japan's most famous authors in history is Natsume Soseki. His novels are classics in the most literal sense and his legacy for his works is still felt a century after his works were released. One of his seminal works was the novel Botchan, written in 1906. A story about a reckless young man... Continue Reading →

Konjac (蒟蒻)

So you're sitting down to eat dinner and your host brings out a some soup, maybe in a nice bowl and inside you see something grayish, gelatinous in form and cut into small cubes or triangles. What do you do? You don't want to be rude and not eat so you may ask what it... Continue Reading →

What Apps Do I Live With?

Today's post will be a bit short as I have a dentist appointment in a bit, but I did want to talk a little about the apps you might know about or maybe not have know about when traveling and living in Japan. If you know of any others please leave a comment below as... Continue Reading →

My Visit to Hasedera

Over the weekend I took a day and went to the famous city of Kamakura, which is only about a half hour from the base by train. It was a cold day, for sure, a little breezy, but the sun was out and worth a day trip. Aside from other spots within Kamakura that I... Continue Reading →

Pop Culture: Morning Musume

I'll preface this with an admission. I am a huge Morning Musume fan. Well at least the older material. I haven't really followed since "Ambitious!" but for the older music I have quite a bit of it on my playlists that I listen to. I'm probably not as big a fan as some. I can't name... Continue Reading →

Culture Note: The Tale of the Heike

Japan has such a rich and long history, one that eclipses my own American history by more than 1700 years, at a conservative estimate. One thing that countries throughout the world can count in common is the theme of conflict. It's an element seen through time and one that sadly won't be disappearing any time... Continue Reading →

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